Finest tea leaves

We source only the finest tea leaves, produce with qualified process and deliver only the best quality product.


We are always working on our innovation to ensure the benefit and quality of our products.


We apply wisdom to process to create products which offer a truly pleasurable experience

About The Tea Gallery

About 70 years ago, a Chinese family called “Ma”, moved from China to Chiang Mai.
Shi Fu, the youngest brother of the family, brought some Oolong tea and planted it in the ground of the Mae Taeng mountain.
There began the cultivation in Thailand of Oolong tea, that was sold in the “Yong Fu Tai” shop from the Fu family.

Later the market developed and expanded in Bangkok’s Chinatown  through an auspicious marriage
between the Chinese family member and a Thai lady who was an experienced herbalist.
This favorable union allowed the application of the traditional Lanna herbal “know-how” to the production of Oolong tea,
to give finally birth to the TEA GALLERY


We provide O.E.M. and O.D.M. services

We can help you set up your own unique formulas (R&D) for tea blends (bulk or in tea bags), kombucha drinks or powder

We can register your product with Thai FDA

Halal certification is also available.